Port Guides

Port Guides

The ultimate Yachtie guide to Barcelona, Spain!

Although there are several ports in Barcelona, the main yacht port is called Marina Port Vell and is located in the heart of the Barceloneta Area. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and most of the people in restaurants or bars will understand you in English, although the official languages of […]

Port Denarau Fiji
Port Guides

The Ultimate Port Guide: Port Denarau Fiji

In light of the global COVID pandemic, yachts are limited by where they can travel, how and when. Restrictions and regulations in the industry seem to change by the week. Fortunately, Fiji took initiative and opened up their “Blue Lane”, which allows yachts and pleasure cruisers to enter the country […]

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Yacht crew in the wild

Yachties are a not-so-rare breed now, with well over 100,000 people calling themselves yachties, or yacht crew these days. And that number is rising, what with all of those yacht crew who are streaming into Antibes every season (Looking at you, South African influx) and Florida (This one goes out […]