Provisioning for superyachts

Worldwide Superyacht Provisioning Spreadsheet

We had started compiling the ultimate list for Superyacht chefs, which will help you to provision all across the world!

It is constantly being updated so you get the best information all year round, and we love to take your submissions.

If you spot a great provisioner while on your travels, let us know! We just need their Name, Address, and contact details. If you know of local speciality stores in small towns, please include these too as we create the ultimate yacht chef resource for provisioning.

Share the love, share the knowledge!

What do you look for in a provisioning company?

Do you prefer to work with one global provisioner or multiple small provisioned as you move around the globe?

Are you a yacht chef who wants to go ashore and wander the local markets and shops buying direct, or is it easier for you to get everything delivered to the yacht in bulk?

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Provisioners for yacht chefs can save you time and effort because you no longer need to go to a Metro or Carrefour and push 8 trolleys around. But they can be costly, and many captains and owners prefer yacht chefs not to use them.

Hopefully, this list helps you decide which provisioner is best for you to use. Build up a relationship with a few provisioners and you will usually be really well looked after.

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  1. LoQuisha Beasley

    I have been trying to get the provisioners spreadsheet sent to me, but the link seems to be broken. Can you please send it to me via the email below? Thank you!

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