5 of the best chef gadgets​ for 2019

Working in small spaces is a yacht chef’s forte, and we all try to keep our gadgets down for that reason. Who has the space to store that much plastic junk? Some of it might only be used for one charter and then relegated to the dry stores to gather proverbial dust (because the dry stores are clean yo!) Other items are used time and time again. And really deserve a standing ovation for how well made they are and for how frequently they save our chef asses.

Here’s a list of yacht-worthy chef gadgets you can pick up online

Chef Gadgets worthy of a yacht chefs galley

A stock standard mandoline

These things never go out of fashion. Every galley has at least 1, and the new fandangled versions are never as good as the stock standard Japanese slanted blade ones. I don’t need to sell this to you, you already know how good it is.

Beeswax food wrappers

With single-use plastics being one of the most hated items of 2019, we bring you an alternative to plastics! Kinda.

Let’s be honest, no one is throwing out their plastic wrap in the galley just yet. But these beeswax sheets will help cut your plastic wrap usage down if you wanted to use them for small items in the fridge, or over smaller plated dips and sauces etc.

They are great for stews to buy to keep in the crew mess too for covering plated crew lunches when on charter.

Digital cup measurer with inbuild scale

I’m not yet sure if this is genius or stupid, but I do know that it still won’t work at sea with the waves rolling… so Sail yacht chefs, maybe this one is not for you. Sorry.

But it does seem like one of the great chef gadgets, especially for those sole chefs in tiny galleys. being able to combine two surely saves a little bit of space.

Ring cleaner for cast iron pans

This is great for boats that have a trusty cast iron pan. It works well too on the stainless gastro pans we all have on board. Of course, you will still need to use *some* elbow grease and detergent with the gastro pans, but it will be much easier than steel wool, and it will look nicer for much longer. Just bang it in the dishwasher after you have used it. Easy.

Stainless steel leftovers boxes

Since we are on the eco-train right now let’s sort out those horrible plastic containers in the crew mess that the last chief stew bought. The tomato stains are no fun for the girls to try and clean out, and some stews don’t like putting plastic in the dishwasher. (I know, right!?) These may not technically be chefs’ gadgets as they live in the crew mess, but as the chef surely you have a say.

Get your chief stew on to these bad boys. They are made from stainless steel so they will last forever. Or at least until a new chief comes on and wants to put her own stamp on things. Tomato stains from bolognese will be a thing of the past and you will be saving the environment. Hurrah!

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