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Welcome to The Superyacht Chef

How much does a yacht chef make? How do I get a yacht chef job? What is a Superyacht chef? How do I become a chef on a yacht? How do I make a yacht chef cv? Who are the best crew agents in the yachting industry? So many questions! […]

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Gofundme for yacht Chef Lucie Martino

Some of you may know chef Lucie Pukanova from her work over the past 6 years as a yacht chef. She has worked on M/Y Starship, M/Y Trident and M/Y Aspen Alternative to name a few. Maybe you worked with her, or perhaps you have marvelled over her adventurous life […]

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Chef Interviews

Who Is The Superyacht Chef?

For over four years this site has been run on the down low. The founder and sole operator opted to remain out of the spotlight and work anonymously. The time has finally come to throw back the curtain and reveal the face behind the website. So,who is the Superyacht Chef? […]

French private chef Palmire Le Blanc
Chef Interviews

French private chef : Palmire Leblanc

French private chef Palmire Leblanc recently entered the Superyacht Chef Competition (not related to our website, it is just the name!) The event was held on April 8 2022 by the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) under the aegis of its La Belle Classe Academy training centre in partnership with […]