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Yacht Chef Websites

There are so many yacht chefs in the industry now and many of them are working on personal websites to help show their skills and to help new yacht chefs.

Some of them are using these personal websites to showcase more of their work. And then incorporating their domain name into their CV for potential captains and owners to look at. This can be a great way to expand your CV to show video content, and extra photos and also have the ability to update your menus and information quickly and easily in one place.

Others are using their websites to document their life at sea or to discuss the yachting industry. Below is a list of yacht chefs who go above and beyond the usual Instagram page to create something different.

Yacht Chef Nick Walden

Nick Walden

One of the first chefs to interview for The Superyacht Chef in 2019 was Nick Walden, a kiwi chef who also runs his own travel and food blog. Oversea.co.nz is one of the most beautifully designed yacht chef websites we have seen. He uses the site to not only showcase his work but also to blog about his world travels as a yacht chef.

Yacht Chef Grace Dvornik

Grace Dvornik

Another fabulous yacht chef who interviewed with us last year, Grace Dvornik has her own website. She recently spruced it up and updated everything, so if you haven’t checked it out in a while, now is the time! She uses her website to showcase her menus and CV, which is a great way to get noticed by Captains and Crew Agents!

Yacht Chef Peter Frost

Peter Frost

Sticking with the lovely chefs who interviewed with us in the past year, Chef Peter Frost has a portfolio-style website too. He uses it to showcase his chef work now as a yacht chef, but also for private chef jobs. You can view some of his plated work along with some previous menus and more information about him. Check it out!

Yacht Chef Mariska Van Rooyen

Mariska Van Rooyen

So, it seems many of the chefs who interview for this site, also have their own pages. It’s no coincidence that chefs who are interested in running their own websites are also prolific Instagrammers in their spare time on board yachts! Mariska has a blog page that covers her travels as a yacht chef. She’s in the process of updating it, so it’s one to watch for sure!

Yacht Chef Jackie Goudie

Jackie Goudie

Some of you may remember Jackie from her previous interview, or you may follow her Instagram page. It’s an almost constant stream of yummy dishes and we often repost her plates. But recently, she has also been toiling away at her own website. Check it out for the delicious recipes!

Yacht Chef Jamie Tully

Jamie Tully

For something a bit different, check out Chef Jamie Tully’s Youtube channel. He has just started creating cooking videos, so watch this space in the future, we might just have a future youtube star in the making!

Yacht Chef Danny Davies

Danny Davies

Chef Danny Davies has created his website Futurechefproject to showcase his work as a superyacht chef. He has used his website to connect with his Instagram profile to show off his work and to self-promote his availability as a chef consultant.

Are you a yacht chef with your own website? Send us an email to be added to the list.

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  1. Hi , I would like to be added to your list as I also have a private chef website as when I have gaps I do villa and private household gigs .I am currently the chef onboard M/Y Inspiration after being a year and a bit on M/Y Revelry and before that 4 years on MY Incontatto before it was sold .

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