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Superyacht crew agents

Why should you use a superyacht crew agent to help you get a job on super yachts?

Why do you even need to register with superyacht crew agents?

and most importantly WHO do you register with to make sure your cv gets to the best captain’s hands faster?

Yacht crew agents are GOLD for Chefs!

Unlike green deckhands and stews, who usually need to dockwalk to land their first job on a super yacht. Chefs often pick up their first boat job through a crew agent.

This is because many chefs enter the industry already qualified for the job and with many years of experience. A good crew agent will be able to pair a green chef up with a boat easily and the journey from land chef to yacht chef should be reasonably seamless.

Before registering with any crew agents you will need to have the basic yacht certificates completed, a sample menu or 2, and a decent portfolio of your food photos.

Who should you register your CV with?

There are plenty of agents out there, and all of them are FREE for you to sign up with. These are some of the best crew agents out there targetting superyacht chefs. And yes, we have ranked them based on OUR experience getting jobs as chefs, and friends’ recommendations.

You can choose to just contact a few agents for work and focus on building a good relationship with them. But there is no harm in submitting your documents and CV to all of the agents.

Bear in mind, adding yourself to these agency databases will take time. Allow around an hour per agent, as some of them have rather long-winded application processes when you first set up.

If you are looking for a professional CV writer, head to www.superyachtcvs.com and chat with them




Bluewater yachting


Saltwater recruitment

Hill Robinson

And then there’s a bunch of smaller crew agents who will get a mixed bag of jobs come through, who are also totally worth signing up with! You might find they tend to have smaller boat roles or more private boats on their books.

But never ever discount an agent based on their size or name. Many of the smaller companies have gotten gigs for well-known yacht chefs on big boats too! And often they get the explorer vessels and lesser-known world travelling boats. Some of them specialise more in sail yachts too, so if that’s your thing, the below agents can be great to contact.

El Crew Co

Cotton crews

YPI crew

The Crew Hunter


MYS superyacht crew

Infinity yachting

This list is by no means exhaustive! There are literally hundreds of yacht crew agencies around the world now. If you think we have missed a great superyacht crew agent, let us know, and we can list them here.

Many of these crew agencies have been set up by ex yacht crew. mymuybueno is a great example of this, Justine was a yacht chef for many years before setting up her land-based business in Palma de Mallorca. mymuybueno private chefs now have over 11,000 private chefs on their database. We can only assume this makes them the biggest crew agent in the world for super yachting! *register* hint hint

The best thing about crew agents who have worked on boats is that they know the ins and outs of yachting too. They are able to give advice on yachts and be frank about working conditions. Some of them have a culinary background too, so they will understand when you ask if there is a paco jet or sous vide on board. Or if the food budget is tight.

We definitely recommend signing up with at least a handful of agencies when you first start out.

What agents have you registered with, and who have you found good success rates with? Let us know if you think we need to add other agencies to this list for super yacht chefs.

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