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Superyacht Chef Peter Frost

Chef Peter Frost is better known as Frostie, especially in the yachting community. He has been wowing guests, and other yacht chefs, for a while, and he has often been mentioned to us as a yacht chef of inspiration when we do these interviews. So we were delighted when he offered to interview and allow everyone a small glimpse into his life as a superyacht chef.

Frostie was also featured in Forbes magazine recently. If you grab a copy, flick through to find his article.

How did you get into yachting?

I got into yachting after two major events really, I was working for a high-net family in their homes around the world. Whilst in Ibiza, I saw many superyachts go past. The house I was working in was situated on a cliff.

So that got me into researching.

The 2nd event was I was approached by a celebrity to work on a private island for him and his guests. It just so happened that he also owned a superyacht! So that was really my first exposure to the super yacht world

Can you tell us more about your current boat?

The current boat size is 65m called Eternity. It was built in 2010 and sleeps 12 guests. M/Y Eternity also has 17 crew.

It is the smallest boat I have worked on so far.

What has been your favourite stage

I’ve been very blessed over the years with stages. I’ve staged with Gordon Ramsay, Le Gavroche and with Pierre Koffmann

I believe the Pierre Koffmann and the Ramsay ones where the dearest to me. This is because I was trained old school at The waterside Inn. That romance and history really does take your breath away and I was blessed to have them both in the kitchen whilst I was there. 

What stages do you have coming up?

I have some super exciting stages coming up

One in India

Dominque crenn in San Francisco 

Sat Bains in Nottingham

And one in Brazil

And finally in NYC…… so you could say its a super busy 18 months ahead 

Do you have an easy galley tip to save time?

I worked in a pub at 16 years old.

A trick from those days was wrapping a spoon with cling film to get the perfect quenelle of mashed potatoes. Or freezing a stock to clarify it. Another easy one is to make creme anglaise in a water bath is also simple but perfect every time for ice creams 

You recently won the Antigua Yacht show chef competition- What was on the menu?


Salmon,egg Caviar

Lamb croquette, carrot and plum sauce

Tuna tartar, soya and yuzu

Goats cheese, truffle, burnt apple

Beef main course 

American Black angus beef fillet, 72 hr beef cheek, pate bric, horseradish mash, white asparagus, red wine jus


“Ferrero Rocherr” 

Do you have any tips for chefs going into their first yacht chef show? 

Practise your dishes!!!! But be relaxed and just think of it as a normal day and give that 110% you do everyday. If you’ve sent food out you are 110% happy with, you can’t do anymore than that!!!

You have popped up numerous times in these interviews as a chef who inspires others. How do you inspire others?

I think I just show- I hope through my social media and how I interact with other chefs, that I simply do love what I do.

I’m an open book. Sharing in this industry to me is key- unless its competition time haha!. But seriously we should all be helping and pushing each other. It can be very hard and the pressure is huge on chefs at the top in this game. For that reason, I won’t even go into, missing loved ones or stress, mental health etc.

What does a normal day look like for you on a charter? 

Busy!. There are 4am starts. Making the fresh bread and pastries, then into prep and breakfast service. Then I work with my sous chef with crew food, then back into lunch requirements. After that, it is back onto crew and guests etc. No two days are the same….. but I will say, it’s a late finish haha!!!

What would you say is the most exciting thing about being a chef in the superyacht industry?

The ever-changing routines. I hate when two days are the same, it bores me. With yachting, in all aspects, such as the locations, the ingredients and catering to the guest’s needs, it’s all great fun!!!

Do you have any advice for new yacht chefs coming into the industry who are selftaught? 

Yes, back yourself. But learn the basics of provisioning, and be respectful of the onboard environment. Note that it is different to shoreside and restaurants, and do not be afraid to ask for advice!!! 

Do you have any advice for new yacht chefs coming into the industry from a restaurant background?

Work under a great Head chef for at least 1 season. You may feel you know it all, but trust me you may know how to cook dishes with all bells and whistles. But, under pressure and with weather conditions, provisions turning up incorrectly or not at all etc.

It can all put you in a spin, so learn from somebody that can teach you how to deal with these issues

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Who are the chefs that you look up to?

Domminque Crenn

Sat Bains

Guy Savoy

Michel roux

Espen Holmboe bang

Jason Atherton

What is your number 1 restaurant in the world? 

Maeemo Norway


What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?

Erm there is quite a few 

mymuybueno (all platforms)


Sat bains

Jason Atherton

If you could convince the captain to drive the boat anywhere in the world today, where would you go? 

Haha, that would have to be down the Thames in London. I love my city! To me it’s the greatest place and to have my family, girlfriend and dear friends come on board for a dinner, near London Bridge- would just be magical.

If you could have a table at any restaurant in the world for a dinner, where would it be, and who would you take?

Maeemo, Norway.

I’m gonna have to say my all-time culinary hero, my Mother will come as my dinner date. I get to spend very little time with her, because of what I do but she is a great cook. If you really wanna know where the inspiration in the early days came from, it was from her. And where it comes from now, its still her and my family.

What is your favourite piece of equipment in the galley? 

My knives, it’s all well and good, the modern equipment, but they have added bonuses to me, what you can achieve just with a knife is quite beautiful 

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If you were to gift someone one cookbook, what would it be…? 

Pollen street Social or the Art of fermentation by the Noma chefs

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