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Yacht Chef Brennan Dates
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Head Chef Brennan Dates

Head chef Brennan Dates has recently popped up on many yacht chef’s radar’s. While he has been in the industry for a whopping 20 years, his online presence was kicked up a notch during quarantine. His quirky yet informative videos of his quarantine kitchen have been watched widely by the […]

Chef Interviews

Kiwi superyacht chef and yogi Jackie Goudie

You may know Jackie ( Jacks) as the chef behind the Instagram account cupcakeatsea. Quick, follow her now if you aren’t already. This kickass kiwi superyacht chef has been in yachting for a while and knows a thing or two about healthy living. When she isn’t posting gorgeous food photos […]

Yacht Chef Peter Frost Frostie
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Superyacht Chef Peter Frost

Chef Peter Frost is better known as Frostie, especially in the yachting community. He has been wowing guests, and other yacht chefs, for a while, and he has often been mentioned to us as a yacht chef of inspiration when we do these interviews. So we were delighted when he […]