Why all yacht chefs should consider a mymuybueno guest chef cooking class

No, It doesn’t mean your food sucks and you need to improve. But as a yacht chef, you should always be striving for more. Why would you consider doing a mymuybueno guest chef cooking class in 2019?

  • Do you want to provide your guests and crew that something extra each season to wow them?
  • Perhaps you just want to get out of the galley and be inspired working alongside other high calibre yacht chefs?
  • Maybe to learn a new skill or plating technique?
  • Lets be honest, sometimes you just want a really fun excuse to get out of the galley and away from the boats for a day or two!

There are any number of reasons why a superyacht chef would want to increase their repertoire in the galley. Sometimes, the courses offered by traditional cooking schools don’t quite translate to working in a galley so well.

They may not have taken into consideration working space, timelines, or storage options. With a mymuybueno guest cooking class, you can be sure there are other yacht chefs attending, and the class will be tailored to suit a standard yacht galley.

There’s no need to employ a brigade to work your pastry section, or spend $30k outfitting a new gallery space for the sake of 1 new dessert. The purpose of these classes is to help yacht chefs elevate their cooking. You can be sure there are some great take aways from each class.

What have previous students have said about the mymuybueno guest chef cooking class?

The mymuybueno guest chef cooking classes help students immensely. As we know, being a chef in a superyacht galley can be a lonely job.

Many of us are working as sole chefs, often on small boats with busy crew. Without that constant feedback from other chefs, it can be a very insular role. However, being able to attend classes with other yacht chefs broadens your knowledge and gives you more feedback about your cooking.

Updating your skills and techniques are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value these courses provide yacht chefs.

Sometimes, it’s better to let the students speak for the courses…

“Very inspiring to work with such a wonderful chef & alongside other great chefs… I have learnt an array of techniques and skills which will help keep me inspired for the upcoming season”

Lily Jardine
Sole Chef on S/Y Hyperion

“I have learnt some new techniques to bring back onboard to surprise my owners and guests with new dishes. Broken down, I think certain elements can be used to create a whole array of dishes”

Nicolette Lusso
Chef on M/Y Rouge

Who has hosted the previous guest chef cooking class?

mymuybueno have had some stand up chefs in the past. Some of whom might join the ranks again with the next round of exceptional chefs to schedule classes in the second half of 2019. See more on that below.

Chef Mark Tilling

Mark specializes in pastry and chocolate work. Recent classes included Moulded chocolates, chocolate making and a combined chocolate and pastry class.

Mark’s combine chocolate and pastry class were held over a week to help students get the most out of the class and really learn the techniques being presented. If you were watching on mymuybueno IG stories that week, you would have been kicking yourself for not attending!

Chef Mark Tilling has three cookbooks to his name and is a regular contributor with Cakes & Sugarcraft and Squires Kitchen Bake School magazines. With over 25 years experience, every chef who walks out of his lesson will have learned a ladle load of new techniques and information.

Chef Tom Aikens

As if holding a Michelin star at 26 was something to be sneezed at, Tom Aikens has also published 3 cook books, opened a slew of great restaurants in London and the Middle East. Oh yeah, And ran 6 marathons across the Sahara desert in 5 days for charity. Somewhere in there he also managed to be an Olympic torch bearer during the London Olympic games.

Where else but mymuybueno would you find a chef teaching a class with those accolades? We are certainly lucky yacht chefs to have these high calibre classes available to us.

Some other notable chefs who have provided yacht chefs with these guest chef cooking classes include Mark Fosh, Jurgen Koens, Justin Gellatly, Claire Hutchings, Jaume Vicens, and Phil Clark.

Who is in the line up for October 2019

No amount of bribing has gotten me the answers to this just yet. But, Justine promises me the class schedule will be released in a few short weeks, so watch this space!!

The really good news is that many of the guest chef classes are going to be held in a 2-week window. This means, as chefs, you can lock in that downtime (hopefully!) and attend a handful of classes at once.

In September 2019, there is another amazing superyacht head chef who is putting on a 6 course tasting menu! Again, no details as to who that is, but we can all speculate, right?!

Who are you hoping to see?

For more information

Visit mymuybueno cookery school directly to book any of the courses. They don’t just offer a guest chef cooking class!

They also have 12 week intensive course, and a 4 week essentials course. These are great for crew chefs entering the industry with minimal experience. Or for stews who want to cross into working in the galley.

Some shorter courses include weekend plating courses and international food courses. These include Thai, French and pasta making to name a few. Brush up on particular skills such as pastry or bread on a 1 days course. Or learn more about gluten-free cooking and raw desserts for those fussier charter guests.

Once you have attended a course at mymuybueno you will be added to a facebook group. This is a great way to share ideas and thoughts after class. It also helps with networking for the future!

In case you needed further convincing that these courses are great to have on your cv and a wonderful experience all around. Listen to what Justine from mymuybueno has to say.

“The vision for me is making these chefs, the very ones we have interviewed and featured on @mymuybuenochefs, accessible to yacht chefs to share their talent and skills. To create something very special indeed. It’s not just big-name chefs- mymuybueno is the personal touch and this stands so true. Bringing over chefs to teach their own specific signature skills- so the students get really honed and focussed learning in particular areas. Which they can take away and implement in their working world as well as gain an experience they will cherish for life.”

Justine Murphy
Founder of mymuybueno


This is the part where you expect us to admit that this was an ad. Or that the superyacht chef is really set up by a sneaky employee of mymuybueno. But we aren’t. And this isn’t an ad.

Well, not in the sense that we were ever paid anything for it, or given any other special privileges.

The Superyacht Chef stands by yacht crew and the businesses they operate. We believe the work Justine and her staff over all of the divisions of mymuybueno have immense value to yacht crew.

We have been watching their Instagram stories for months, as these guest chefs come in and teach their classes, and we applaud mymuybueno for hosting them. The Superyacht Chef just wants to support that. End of.

We also interview yacht chefs at all different levels in the industry. To read their stories, check them out here.

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