abillionveg: 2020’s hottest vegan app for all yacht chefs

With the recent Netflix special “The Game Changers” coming out in 2019 and a slew of vegan food products hitting the mainstream market in the past decade, its no surprise that more charter yacht guests and private yacht owners are looking to lessen their meat intake.

Incidentally, the number of yacht crew who have “attempted” to turn vegan recently has also shown positive signs for the vegan movement. I say attempted” because we all know of that one crew member who swears to be vegan, but scoffs fried chicken and burgers when they are out on the weekend. Lol.

The wellness market is also booming right now with crew and guests asking for more gym facilities onboard their luxury vessels. Yoga pants have never been more ubiquitous (hands up if your interior wears these for yard periods!) and kombucha now has a dedicated fridge at most wholefoods across the States.

There’s no denying that the vegan trend is also here to stay. And why not?! Let’s be honest, there’s plenty of fantastic reasons to cut down, or out, of meat and dairy.

I’m not a nutritionist, nor an animal activist, so I’m not going to lecture anyone about their choices, but I’m pretty sure caring about your own body, and that of cute fluffy animals is paramount to life.

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Why you need to download abillionveg right now

Partnering up with abillionveg to help promote their app was a no brainer.

Click the link and download the app.

You can leave reviews for vegan restaurants and products as you travel the world.

As a travelling yacht chef, you are in a prime position to help inform others of vegan products and vegan restaurants.

Use the app to find vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes as you travel the globe. Perfect for finding restaurant options when you have vegan guests onboard too.

abillionveg app will show non-vegan restaurants too, so fear not meat eaters!! It simply allows you to rank and photograph vegan hotspots. Again, perfect for those mixed groups of diners too!

Read and leave reviews of vegan food products. Every time you hit up wholefoods or a bio store in Europe, you can snap a pic and review the product for other people to read. As a yacht chef, we can use this information to source new products for vegan guests as needed.

Let’s be honest, if you have vegan guests or crew, you will also using boat money to buy these items. There really is no cost to you- but you will have a library of vegan info at your fingertips!

And yes! You should leave reviews!

Every review you make turns into an actual monetary donation to one of many animal welfare groups. Some of these groups include The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary in New Zealand, Asher’s Farm Sanctuary in South Africa, Sea Shepherd, Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary in the US, Greyton Farm South Africa and El Hogar Animal Sanctuary in Spain.

Each review is worth $1, and will be donated in $10 increments. It won’t take long to leave a handful of reviews, especially if you do frequent vegan cafe’s.

It is totally FREE for you to use!

Share this post!

Make sure to share this post with your chief stew and other yacht crew.

Even my deck team have loved this, one even downloaded it saying he can impress the girls at the gym because now he “knows where he can take them on a date” 🙂 haha whatever it takes I guess!

If you send them to this link on The Superyacht Chef, everyone will be linked in our dashboard and we can share our teams impact each month. We can announce who reviewed and consequently donated the most thorough their reviews, on our Instagram. After all, sharing is caring! And we want to celebrate everyone’s efforts!!

So please, if you want the crew to get involved with this app, please tell them to come to this website first and click this link to download the app.

Do you do meat-free Monday’s onboard for crew?

Some of our favourite chefs who work with a lot of vegan and veggie crew and guests include Stephanie Soret who has left yachting to open a vegan bakery in the UK, and Jackie Goudie who is a yogi when she’s not cooking up a bunch of delicious treats on yachts.

Download the app for abillionveg here

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