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Online chef classes that are perfect for a yacht chef

With everyone being stuck indoors right now with Coronavirus, we wanted to share some joy and chef knowledge with you all. Here are some of the best online chef classes and food-related classes you can sign up to on Udemy. We hope you can make the most of your time in quarantine. Act fast because they are all currently on sale!

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Plant-based online chef classes are hot right now!

Plant-based cooking class

As we all know now, the demand for chefs who have experience with vegan and vegetarian diets are increasing. Not just for ethical reasons, but also for various beliefs about the health attached to a plant-based diet.

Why not use this time to enrol on the Eat Real Food: How to Eat a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet.

Whether you are interested in reducing animal products, like meat, eggs, and dairy, or removing them completely from your diet, or looking to adopt a healthy vegan diet, this course will educate, inspire, and empower you to know how to eat right with confidence.

You will gain the following skills:

  • What foods make up a Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle diet 
  • How to do groceries for wholesome plant foods
  • How different plant foods satisfy and benefit your nutritional needs
  • How to approach creating quick and easy, wholesome, plant-based meals 
  • How to deal with concern foods like wheat, soy, oils, and sweeteners
  • How to eat in the best way possible beyond your home and kitchen
  • How to make the Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle successful and enjoyable

While this online chef class is not a “cooking” class. (let’s be honest, you’re a chef, you already have a solid foundation to work with here!) It does teach you how to be a healthy vegan or vegetarian and how to cook for them. Focussing on the holistic way for best health, weight, and wellbeing. Your guests will love you for this! and it’s a great way to brush up on knowledge that you made have forgotten. Or to reintroduce ingredients into recipes you hadn’t thought of before.

The course is currently only €12.99 so you have nothing to lose!

Learn Thai with an online chef class

Interactive Thai Cooking Class

Since you can’t get on a flight right now and visit Thailand, let Thailand come to you! Learn more about Thai cooking techniques and recipes in your own galley!

It’s a great way for yacht chefs to learn, especially if you don’t have any formal Thai cooking training. It also makes perfect food for crew meals too, so it won’t be a skill wasted.

The menus include 2 soups, 2 curries, 2 stirfries and 2 noodle dishes. So that can easily keep you busy for a week of crew meals if you spread out the modules.

It currently has an 88% discount. So again, it’s not a huge expense to learn a bit more about Thai cooking while you are in quarantine.

Spend a bit of time doing online chef classes for Gluten-Free diets this season

Gluten-Free Artisan Breads

Another common item on a guest’s preference sheet these days is gluten-free cooking. If you haven’t had much experience with it, or you just want to broaden your gluten-free bread knowledge, this course is worth a look!

The online chef class is built around seven key recipes that illustrate different basic techniques in gluten-free baking. They start by discussing the principles of GF baking. Followed by examining the key ingredients – in particular, a surprisingly wide range of naturally gluten-free flours. With a focus to add appeal to your hand-baked bread.

As they go along, they show you how to blend your own flour. Crucially for smaller boats, how to store them in portion-sized bags for the ultimate convenience in your weekly bake. From classic white sandwich bread to more artisanal hand-shaped loaves, baguettes, pizzas and rolls, they cover enough ground to keep even the most demanding satisfied.

Online chef classes for the Keto diet add a point of difference to your CV

Ketogenic Diet Ketosis Nutrition Health Coach Certification

Become a Nutrition Certified Health Coach Specialized in the Ketogenic Diet, Ketosis (Keto) and Intermittent Fasting and WOW those charter guests next season. Again, there is an uptrend of guests asking for chefs who specialise in Keto diets. So why not jump on board and learn more while you have a bit more free time.

This course is really comprehensive. It isn’t so much about learning a bunch of recipes, but it teaches you the principles behind it. You will get the most out of this if you have a strong interest in nutrition and dietary requirements. It’s not for the faint at heart. But if you are interested in adding another notch to your chef belt, this one will be interesting.


Develop a strong foundation of health theory related to health and nutrition. It is especially focused on the details of the ketogenic diet (Keto) and the natural, healthy state of ketosis. This will help you to be a confident and effective nutrition health coach after this ketogenic nutrition and health certification. 

Learn core, professional health coaching skills. This is great for chefs who wish to develop a long-lasting rapport with their nutrition-savvy owners and charter guests.

Develop a strong understanding of the physiology of the state of ketosis. This is so that you can help your clients get the results they want with Keto, avoid relapse, and overcome resistance so they can create lasting health changes in their lives.

Learn a few chocolate techniques with this online chef class

Plated Desserts Made Simple: Elegant Chocolate Towers

While the cake this course teaches you to make is a bit naff. (sorry, personal opinion there!) The principals that the instructor is teaching is fantastic and can be used on a variety of chocolate dishes.

Let award-winning pastry chef Irit Ishai guide you, as you explore all the elements that will allow you to create your own show-stopping plated desserts. 

In the course, you’ll learn how to create these desserts and customize them to match any event theme. You will also explore many great chocolate-based recipes like chocolate mousses and ganaches, as well as delicious fruit sauces.

You’ll master the art of creating various chocolate decorations. And learn how to make and decorate unique and modern elements such as 3D chocolate rings, chocolate discs, chocolate spheres, and chocolate sticks.

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