Quarantine Hotels in New Zealand with Cupcakeatsea Jackie Goudie

2020 has been a pretty messed up year for everyone. Yacht crew are no different. Our livelihoods often involve having to move from place to place, with guests onboard, and sometimes without. But in 2020 a lot of that was bought to a standstill. A slower pace was called for, and many yacht crew, including chefs, as a result, lost their jobs.

Many of you know crew who had rotational jobs who were stuck either at home or on boats. Some of you may have had crew stuck in South Africa back when that was on a strict lockdown. There was even yacht crew stuck in Doha Airport at one point unable to travel anywhere!

Jackie Goudie who is better known as @cupcakeatsea over on the gram has been entertaining the pants off us all week. It seems boredom still hasn’t set in yet for this jet setting kiwi chef. Her biggest excitement this week was a serious toss-up between hitting the halfway mark, and her plates arriving from a local homewares store.

Formalities of Quarantining in New Zealand at the moment

Pre departure

As of November 2020, international travel to NZ from many countries overseas is severely restricted. Anyone entering the country must do mandated managed isolation and quarantine on arrival.

As Jackie found out, this meant booking a voucher for the “managed isolation” that matched the inbound flights that she had booked when she left her boat. Apparently, these vouchers are hard to come by now and are currently unavailable for any flights until February 2021. Sounds hectic, if you do need to leave your boat and get home sooner, check the website as there may be changes to the voucher availability.

Without the voucher, you cannot board the flight to New Zealand.

On arrival

Once you land in New Zealand, you will be processed and sent to a mystery hotel. Jackie Goudie only found out the name of her hotel at the last minute, after landing, and after she had entered the country. There were busses lined up to take passengers to various cities around New Zealand including Hamilton and Rotorua. There was also connecting domestic flights for those needing to travel further before quarantining.

The airport is only processing one flight at a time, so expect to spend some time in the terminal after arriving. Jackie arrived at 7am and was only able to depart for her hotel at 11:30am, which is considerably longer than usual.

There are a few checkpoints on arrival. Namely regarding temperature checks and if you have anything to declare (food or wooden items etc). Jackie stressed how fabulous the ground staff were at the airport and how nice and welcoming the airport staff and security were.

Air New Zealand, the countries national carrier has up to date information for those wishing to return home.

Quarantine meals by Jackie Goudie
Quarantine meals by Jackie Goudie

A Yacht Chef stuck inside with no galley

When a yacht chef gets stuck indoors for 2 weeks, what’s a girl to do? In chef Jackie Goudie’s case, she starts plating up her own meals! What was a humble plastic tub of yoghurt and some fruit becomes a delicious looking breakfast bowl. And what was once a salad jumbled in a cardboard box, is now plated a as pretty Ceasar salad complete with a swirl of dressing. Her favourite plates to date, were the pancake creation and the fried chicken with mash.

Jackie is keeping everyone entertained on Instagram currently with her unusual before and after shots, make sure you check out her stories asap- she’s out of the mandated isolation hotel in a few days.

Isolation hotel meals

Jackie has been loving the break away from cooking – she comes into quarantine after working non stop since March! And she’s been enjoying the surprise each day as she hears the footsteps down the hallways and a ruysle of bags of food. Not having to cook every meal has been a welcome relief.

Ordering quarantine meals has been easy too. She was given a QR code to scan and make her meal choices in advance. The downside (or upside depending on how you look at it) is that some day, but the time the order arrives she has forgotten what was ordered!

All of the meals served at Rydges Auckland for Jackie’s quarantine stay has been healthy and of good quality. The curries have been standout dishes so far. She has yet to have a bad meal, which we have to admit is pretty amazing!

The next big meal will most likely be a good old kiwi BBQ with family on the Coromandel.

As soon as Jackie is out of quarantine, she has her eye on a decent kiwi bakery pie. If you know, you know.

Whats next for Jackie?

Once Jackie is done with her two weeks of swanning about her isolation hotel room alone with nothing more than the internet, music and Netflix to keep her company she plans to hit the road in her newly purchased Van. Named Betty, after her sourdough starter (oh how very chef like!) she plans to explore more of New Zealand, including the South island where she has yet to venture.

Her hot tips for yacht chefs entering quarantine in the near future?

“Bring your knives or a sharp knife, a fork and a plate. Your own coffee mug, snacks, snacks, snacks! Oh! And if you are a condiment fan, bring some of those also.”

Jackie Goudie’s tips for first time visitors to New Zealand

If you are visiting New Zealand for the first time, it’s likely that you are coming over as yacht crew for the America’s Cup. The official word is still currently out as to the entry requirements for yacht crew, but we are all crossing our fingers and hoping something happens sooner rather than later in regards to this.

America’s Cup. Watching it, or working it?

“Hopefully watching it, or maybe i’ll pick up some temp work!”

Jackie Goudie

Regardless of your reasons for visiting New Zealand in the future, Jackie has provided some great foodie tips and hints for yacht chefs. “Visiting chefs should try a flat white, and freshly made fish and chips from a local dairy” She quips before adding in “and a pie!”

There are a lot of amazing restaurants in New Zealand, and Jackie Goudie can’t wait to get out of quarantine to start sampling them all. On her list so far is Homeland, Peter Gordon’s new place, along with Phil’s Kitchen and Magnolia Kitchen. Hailing from Coromandel originally, Jackie has her sights on a few local spots too including Wharf Road Kitchen and Weta Cafe.

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