Nina Wilson AKA thecrewchef

YouTuber and Nina Wilson AKA Thecrewchef

We follow on from Nina Wilsons’s previous interview (you can read that here if you haven’t already) by finding out more about her YouTube channel and how she started Vlogging her life as a yacht chef in the past few years.


One of Nina Wilson’s most popular videos with over a million views!

How did you approach the idea of filming behind the scenes on board your yacht? 

Picked up a camera and went for it, whilst being sensitive to the private nature some vessels have

What inspired the YouTube channel?

Jared Watney kept telling me to, so I did! 

For the tech nerds out there, what kit do you use to film and edit your videos?

I use a Gopro Hero 9 mostly, with a old mavic air DJI drone and a sony SLR for the arty shots. I edit on Final Cut Pro, always have and maybe always will?

The Crew Chef channel will be inspiring new yacht chefs for seasons to come

You were featured on unilad some time back, would you say that catapulted you to YouTube stardom? Or was there a lot more behind the scenes at play that we don’t know?

I belive it was the mysterious YouTube algorithm – people would watch the whole thing, comment and like, and that pushed it out even more! The only thing I got from the UniLad video edit was people making impolite comments haha! 

Your videos have a  polished yet friendly feel to them, what sort of media background did you have before jumping into the YouTube channel?

I did a little bit of presenting, MC-ing throughout school, so I was comfortable ad-libbing to a camera.

How do you find the time to plan out, create and edit your videos while also working in a busy galley?

I find that being on trip is a super productive time for me to edit videos! Because we are essentially locked down on the boat, on my breaks I’d put in some solid hours editing. 

Nina Wilson YouTube channel has over 100K subscribers as of Jan 2022!

How many hours go into the creation of each video? 

I’d say 20 hours reviewing & editing on top of however long it took to actually film?

Has there been any negative kickbacks from doing the channel?

My audience on instagram has grown and I’m now wary of posting on there, it’s pretty intimidating! It’s also a lot of self doubt – who do you think you are that people will find you interesting? etc etc. 

Nina’s latest videos have been taking a slightly different angle with more travel and lifestyle focussed content. We love it!

What has been the most positive thing to come out of the channel?

The channel followers! I get sent the nicest messages, its so wonderful and heartwarming to read them. 

Where do you envision your online presence to go in the future?

Dream goal would be to have a production company approach me, and I get to design a travel & cooking show.

Hitting 100k subscribers must have been exciting! What’s the next big goal?

I’d love 250k by the end of the year! But thats a wholleeeee lot of work!

yacht chef Nina Wilson AKA thecrewchef and YouTuber
yacht chef Nina Wilson AKA thecrewchef and YouTuber
Nina Wilson The crew chef

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