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Who Is The Superyacht Chef?

For over four years this site has been run on the down low. The founder and sole operator opted to remain out of the spotlight and work anonymously. The time has finally come to throw back the curtain and reveal the face behind the website. So,who is the Superyacht Chef? […]

French private chef Palmire Le Blanc
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French private chef : Palmire Leblanc

French private chef Palmire Leblanc recently entered the Superyacht Chef Competition (not related to our website, it is just the name!) The event was held on April 8 2022 by the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) under the aegis of its La Belle Classe Academy training centre in partnership with […]

The Superyacht Chef
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The Superyacht Chef 2021

Contents Cheers to you, readers of The Superyacht Chef website! A few weeks ago, we asked you, the readers of thesuperyachtchef.com a few simple questions. While we thank you for your time answering them all and giving us some great ideas. We also wanted to explain why we asked for […]

chef Stefan Schenk
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Superyacht chef Stefan Schenk

Superyacht chef Stefan Schenk posts his stunning plates on Instagram every week to get everyone inspired. Which has been your favourite dish of his? Good news for Captains reading this- Chef Stefan Schenk is currently looking for a new boat! So contact him asap if you think you may have […]

The superyacht Chef Simon Edwards
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Sole superyacht chef Simon Edwards

Working as a sole chef on superyachts is hard work. Anyone who has done it, knows it. And anyone who hasn’t, fears it. Cooking guest level food for 12 guests while also maintaining a high standard of food for the hard-working crew is never easy. Somehow Chef Simon Edwards makes […]