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artichoke leaf
Yacht Chef Tips

Artichoke leaf recipe

By Micail Swindells and Dom Horsey Micail and Dom share a cheeky tip for making the Artichoke leaf that they have learnt from Geranium, a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Denmark. The idea is not to just copy, but to understand the process that they have developed, get inspiration, and […]

lonely chef thinking about Mental health for yacht chefs
Yacht Chef Tips

Mental health for Yacht Chefs

Mental health for Yacht Chefs is an important subject right now. Recently there have been several more yacht crew suicides and many unspoken-about breakdowns. As we all know, working in the galley can be tough. It’s hot, demanding, and any fuck ups are ultimately on you. We work hectic hours […]

Superyacht chef Sergio Marichales sitting on a yacht in chef whites
Chef Interviews

Venezuelan Yacht Chef Sergio Marichales

This week we speak to Sergio Marichales, a Venezuelan yacht chef with a few years of yachting under his belt now. He has been lucky enough to have travelled both the Caribbean and Asia on yachts. He has a fantastic personal website here showcasing his work and ethos. Or you […]

measuring cup conversion chart for yachts
Yacht Chef Tips

Basic cup to weight measurements

A great tip by Melanie White was to memorise simple store cupboard ingredients into cup measurements. She believes it will save you time when the scales won’t balance! And we have to agree. Sail yacht chefs, take notice! Sugars and fats White Sugar 1 cup = 200g Light brown sugar […]