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Chef Interviews

Superyacht chef Gjorgi

This week we speak to Superyacht chef Gjorgi. He is a Macedonian sail yacht chef currently working on a 37m charter sail yacht. Gjorgi is a dual season chef, bobbing around the Med and Caribbean oceans working. Check out his stunning work on his instagram here. Where are you from […]

Chef Interviews

Sail Yacht Chef Chris Assal

He might be a new sail yacht chef ,but Chris, who has been in yachting for some years now, and recently made the switch from motor yacht. He has some solid advice for new yacht chefs coming into the industry whether they work on sail or motor. You were a […]

Green Yachties

Sample Yacht Chef Menu

Writing a well balanced 7 day yacht chef menu can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. You already have all of the skills to write the meal plan, because you do it already. With a yacht chef menu, you need to show your creative flair through words. You […]

Dockwalking clothing: Tidy polo shirts and shorts are acceptable
Green Yachties

Dockwalking for yacht chefs

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Dockwalking sucks. No one likes it. No one wants to do it. And it certainly doesn’t give you any more confidence to do it when every set of deckie’s eyes on the docks are staring you down. Dude, All I want to […]

Chef Interviews

The Crew Chef Nina Wilson

Nina Wilson was a deckhand on a superyacht who turned her passion for cooking into a full-time job. She is now a sous chef on a 70m Motoryacht travelling the world and cooking up a storm! Can you tell us more about how you got into being a superyacht chef? I […]