vegan pot de creme recipe

Vegan pot de créme recipe

Here’s a vegan recipe that I am 100% sure you will do again and again as so easy and super tasty.

Here’s my vegan version of the French pot de crème, no eggs or cream here.
High in protein and without refined sugar. It will be ready in less than 15min, it’s a winner. Non vegan guests will enjoy it too.

You’re welcome 😉

Vegan chocolate pots de crème For 2 serving

Vegan pot de créme recipe

300g silken tofu
2 TBP cacao powder
30g melted dark chocolate ( 70% here, make sure it doesn’t contain any lactose)
2 pitted dates, soaked for 10 min in hot water and drained – can be done without the dates for a low sugar option

Blend all ingredients together with a food processor.


I told you it was an easy one! 😉

Serve in a cute pot and add whatever you have handy: chopped roasted hazelnuts, berries, chocolate shavings, sprouted buckwheat, granola…

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This was a guest post by the lovely Stephanie Soret, an avid pastry chef who manages to meld delicious decadent bites with being healthy. Who knew that was even possible?! Not all heros wear capes!

You can read her interview with The Superyacht Chef here, or find more delicious recipes and information over at her website Healthy-naughty-bakes.

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We hope you enjoyed this Vegan pot de créme recipe.

Vegan pot de créme

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