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What to expect at a Galley Gang Workshop?

By Chef and Galley Gang Founder Jemma Harrison

The galley gang is not your average chef school.

We started this whole thing as a way of getting yacht chefs together to share ideas and inspiration. And, yes, we’ve pimped our classes a bit since the early days – in that we fly in some excellent guest chefs – but the general vibe is still one of sharing, collaboration and having a great time.

Most of the chefs stay together in our Galley Gang villa, so the merriment continues even when class time is over. Our guest chefs are also offered a bed, so there’s plenty of chance to get to know them better and pick their brains.

Galley gang workshop in action

Often we’ll head out for dinners together, or host delicious BBQ’s chez nous – with the music and wine flowing. Hanging out together like this is an integral part of our workshops, with solid friendships formed in just a few days.

We all know galley life can be a bit of a lonely affair, especially on smaller boats, so having a supportive network of fellow yacht chefs just a FB chat away can make the season so much better.

Most students tell us that the sense of camaraderie, finding out that every chef has the same frustrations and challenges, is one of the best bits.

The ethos of sharing and learning continued way after we finished the course. Definitely made a few friends for life.

Troy Wastell, Head Chef

So what will I learn?

No two workshops are the same, but what you can bank on is that the days are intensive and hands-on. Practice makes perfect after all, so there’s plenty of ingredients to use and lots of opportunity to ask questions.

The days are often broken up in to defined topics, like ‘Plating and Presentation’ or ‘Japanese’ or ‘Raw Vegan’.

But along with all this we always teach the classes with busy yacht chefs and private chefs in mind. Recipes and dishes are broken down in to ‘pre-season prep’, ‘week before’ or ‘a la minute’. Space saving and time saving tips are also worked in, and our knowledgeable teachers will always show you ways to re-use components in other dishes.

We want you to go back to your yacht (or villa) with your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the culinary world. The aim of the classes is to learn about new food trends and to refine what you may already know.

Talk to me about the day to day stuff.

We start most sessions at 10am, allowing those chefs that are still working on their boats to be able to smash out some crew lunch, if needed.

Coffees and snacks are provided, whether that’s eating the food we’ve made the day before or that we’ve nipped to the bakery for some croissants. The same goes for lunch – we’ll provide it – and we stop at about 2pm for half an hour or so. We usually wrap up by about 6pm.

What about the events and dinners?

Probably the highlight of our Galley Gang workshops are the dining events that we work towards. We normally put on a couple every time, inviting friends and food lovers to come to have a taste.

It’s an opportunity for everyone to work together and practice newfound skills. Whether it’s an 8- course chocolate degustation menu, a 12 course Japanese-Peruvian night or whether we’ve rented out the museum in Palma for a cocktail evening, they’re always pretty special.

We spend about two or three days working towards these events, building in elements from several classes. Working alongside 12 other yacht chefs and often being led by a Michelin star teacher isn’t something that happens every day. The results are incredible. Great food, a great atmosphere and lots of money raised for charity.

Here’s a neat little vid we made of the last one in Antibes

So what are you waiting for? Join in!

The next one is 21st October in Palma de Mallorca.

Drop an email to us over at or message us on our FB group or Instagram page. We’re happy to answer any questions.

You can also reach Jemma on WhatsApp on +44 7966 033 651

Chef Nathan Clements is confirmed as a chef teaching some of the classes for the latest workshop, check out his interview to learn more form his point of view too.

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