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How to get a job as a yacht chef

Getting your first job as a yacht chef on super yachts is not always easy. As many current yacht chefs can attest. But with perseverance and a bit of luck, you may find yourself in a galley somewhere exotic soon! but before that happens, there are a bunch of key […]

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Sustainability as a yacht chef AWIN

AWIN Sustainability. The buzzword of the year has been following me around like the grim reaper. As the current chef on a sixty-three meter sailing yacht, the responsibilities of provisioning, preparing, presenting, and discarding food are mine. As chefs in the industry know, this is part of the job description. […]

The Superyacht Chef
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The Superyacht Chef 2021

Contents Cheers to you, readers of The Superyacht Chef website! A few weeks ago, we asked you, the readers of a few simple questions. While we thank you for your time answering them all and giving us some great ideas. We also wanted to explain why we asked for […]

Nina Wilson
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White Fish by Nina Wilson

Printed with permission by Nina Wilson @thecrewchef ©2021 It had felt like I’d been hit by a train. Of the ’12 charter guests that never sleep’ variety. My hands were starting to cramp, the bags under my eyes could have fetched a fair price once monogrammed and I was starting […]

Chef Interviews

Self-taught Yacht Chef Cesar Pascual

Not every yacht chef who steps into the galley has a formal culinary background. Not every yacht chef has slaved away in Parisian Michelin restaurants either. Some yacht chefs come into the industry very organically. They have humble beginnings and have worked harder than most to get where they are. […]

Yacht chef Imi Erdelyi
Chef Interviews

Hungarian Yacht Chef Imi Erdelyi

It’s not so common to get yacht crew hailing from entirely landlocked countries, but yacht chefs are a different breed. Firstly, a yacht chef must have the skills and talent in the galley to back themselves up not only on land but at sea too. No matter if a chef […]