Chef Interviews

Chef Interviews

Plating 101 with Charmaine Lin AKA @m0mmyeats

The Superyacht Chef traditionally only follows and shares yacht chef accounts. But there are a few fabulous instagram accounts that we let slip through the cracks. @m0mmyeats is one of them. If you haven’t stumbled across Charmaine Lin’s beautiful plating by now, get ready to be impressed. While she isn’t […]

Chef Dan Griffin in key west
Chef Interviews

From Catering to Yacht Chef: Dan Griffin

Yacht Chefs come from a range of backgrounds. Some come straight out of culinary school, while others earn their place in the galley through years of working in restaurants. Other chefs have started their galley career by working on deck or as a stew first. But yacht chefs often also […]

Chef Interviews

Below Deck yacht chef Anastasia Surmava

Below Deck has done wonders for bringing the yachting industry to the forefront of peoples minds when it comes to superyachting. Everyone has their opinion on this, good or bad. But one things for sure, the show has provided hours of entertainment to people who would otherwise know nothing about […]

Sole yacht Chef Eugenio
Chef Interviews

Sole Yacht Chef Eugenio Pacelli

For months we have marvelled over Chef Eugenio’s instagram page. His stunning plates stand out from the other yacht chef accounts because Eugenio’s plates are all shot the same. Simple white plates with a black background and shot from above. The food and plating take centre stage and its easy […]

Yacht Chef Brennan Dates
Chef Interviews

Head Chef Brennan Dates

Head chef Brennan Dates has recently popped up on many yacht chef’s radar’s. While he has been in the industry for a whopping 20 years, his online presence was kicked up a notch during quarantine. His quirky yet informative videos of his quarantine kitchen have been watched widely by the […]

Jordan Knightley
Chef Interviews

Musician turned yacht chef : Jordan Knightley

With an Instagram feed full of curated food shots, Jordan’s profile jumps out at you compared to the usual yacht chef social media pages. His plates are so fantastically framed that they wouldn’t look out of place gracing the pages in any high-end hipster lifestyle magazine. Do yourself a favour […]

yacht chefs online
Chef Interviews, Yacht Chef Tips

Yacht Chef Websites

There are so many yacht chefs in the industry now and many of them are working on personal websites to help show their skills and to help new yacht chefs. Some of them are using these personal websites to showcase more of their work. And then incorporating their domain name […]

Chef Interviews

Plant-based superyacht chef Polly Baptist

You may be familiar with Superyacht Chef Polly Baptist through her Instagram page. She is one of the trailblazing female chefs in the industry pushing delectable plant-based dishes on us. I mean, we aren’t exactly being held against our will here. But those plates are gorgeous!! And even a hardcore […]