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The Superyacht Chef
Chef Interviews

End of Med season recap 1

With most of us crossing, or settling down in the Med for the winter season right now, I thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with our friends who interviewed with The Superyacht Chef in the past season. Where are they? and what have they all been […]

Mariska van Rooyen
Chef Interviews

Intrepid Sole Chef Mariska Van Rooyen

Superyacht chef Mariska Van Rooyen has an interesting history with yachts. Having grown up on water, she circumnavigated the globe on her families catamaran before she entered yachting as a chef. If you scroll through her Instagram page you will see plenty of inspirational travel shots throughout her usual yacht chef […]

Chef Interviews

Chief Stewardess​ Anna Hewinson

Anna Hewinson is a bubbly blonde Kiwi Chief Stew who has worked her way up the ranks of yachting over the years. She has ticked off both sail and motor yachts and has worked on both private and busy charter boats. She’s the perfect all-rounder to chat to about galley […]

chef Stefan Schenk
Chef Interviews

Superyacht chef Stefan Schenk

Superyacht chef Stefan Schenk posts his stunning plates on Instagram every week to get everyone inspired. Which has been your favourite dish of his? Good news for Captains reading this- Chef Stefan Schenk is currently looking for a new boat! So contact him asap if you think you may have […]

Rachel Cunningham superyacht chef and TEDx speaker
Chef Interviews

Sous chef Rachel Cunningham

The range of chefs being interviewed each week has been pretty amazing. From green chefs just entering the industry, to head chefs with years of experience. This week we chat to self-taught sous chef Rachel Cunningham about getting into yachting and working your way up the ranks. You can follow […]

The superyacht Chef Simon Edwards
Chef Interviews

Sole superyacht chef Simon Edwards

Working as a sole chef on superyachts is hard work. Anyone who has done it, knows it. And anyone who hasn’t, fears it. Cooking guest level food for 12 guests while also maintaining a high standard of food for the hard-working crew is never easy. Somehow Chef Simon Edwards makes […]